Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wonderful Women

I'm feeling very blessed in my friends today, both on- and off-line. First, I've been greatly honoured by the Wonder Woman award by my gorgeous new friend Tiff over at Three Ring Circus. This lovely award was created by Chrissy from Chrissy's This and That as a token of appreciation for wonderful women, and was inspired by a post written for her by her husband ("Wonder Wife"...awwwww!).
This award arrived for me on a day when I was feeling anything but a Wonder Woman, yet it inspired me to draw on some of that Wonder Woman energy to turn around the mood, thoughts and direction of the day. Thank you so much, Tiff. Right back at you! (I have to choose some special people to pass this award on to, but I'm going to save that for another day.)

And my oldest and dearest friend deserves a special thank you from me for the lovely gift of a subscription to my favourite magazine for my birthday last month - my first issue arrived today, and that sure plastered a smile on my face!


tiff said...


Couldn't go to a more deserving woman!

mountainmama said...

Aww shucks, honey...we better be careful, we're turning into a mutual admiration society!? heheeh

baby~amore' said...

congratulations on your award - I agree Tiff is a great friend to have too !

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