Thursday, November 29, 2007

Food for thought

There are lots of ways I indulge my love of food, apart from eating it, of course.

I used to collect cookbooks, until I channelled that (expensive) compulsion into buying some of the many first-rate food and cooking magazines now on the market. (Here in Australia, my addictions of choice are Australian Good Taste, Table, and Super Food Ideas, with the occasional ABC Delicious. Recently, Woman's Day Everyday Food has caught my attention...oh, but, no more...bad, bad girl!)

Seriously, I should stop spending money on magazines etc, and just dive online. Blogging has provided a perfect and natural platform for foodies and fans - there are just as many eager to read and drool over delicious recipes and eye-catching photographs as there are eager to share the results of their culinary journeys. Part of my interest in blogging came through my explorations of cooking bloggers, usually begun by searching for a particular recipe or a special ingredient.

I am thrilled every time I find a new "gem" - that perfect marriage of the visually engaging, verbally entertaining, and mouth-wateringly tempting. Some are a source of recipes and inspiration for me; some are just pure escapism (I'm never going to put that much effort into my cooking, but I love to watch someone who does.)

Here, ranging (in no particular order) from the sublime to the suburban are some of my favourites:

TasteSpotting - "Feed your addiction" - what more can I say?

Exclusively Food - Simply and beautifully photographed Aussie food blog shared by Amanda & Debbie

Cupcake Bakeshop by Chockylit - There is something weirdly compelling about this blogger's exploration of flavours (eg. Adzuki Bean Paste Filled Chocolate Cupcakes with Matcha Green Tea Frosting) - and they look stunning.

Milk and Cookies - Another great Aussie food blog, with gorgeous photographs.

Smitten Kitchen - A new find - she makes me laugh, she makes me drool - it's got it all.

The Virtual Kitchen - Wholesome hearty fare and a lovely network of food-loving friends.

The Food Traveller - Gastronomic delights from the kitchen of a European couple (he's Italian, she's Belgian), spiced with photographs of their travels.

Hey Mum, I'm Hungry - Kim from All-Consuming cooks a mean recipe blog, too, served with plenty of laughs.

And then there's lovely Red Dirt Mummy, who I found on a recipe search, and stopped to read and share and smile (her blog is not all food, but she's got some real keepers in her recipe files), I have to stop.

It's late, and I'm now reaaaallly hungry, and should go to bed where I can dream in glorious technicolour of jewelled fruit tarts and sculptural cupcakes and aromatic curries and...


jientje said...

Oh my God! I am drooling all over my keyboard here! I visited the food travellor, as the lady is from Belgium too! I am also addicted to magazines and cookbooks, I buy way too much of them, because I never really follow a recipe from top to bottom! They are just there to give me ideas, and then i do my own thing!
As for tonight .... sweet dreams!

mountainmama said...

*Laughing* Oh, yes - I think you've hit the nail on the head. I always use recipes as a springboard to the result I have in my head or the taste on my I can never feel I have too many of them, because something new can inspire fresh visions. What a perfect excuse! Thank you...*cheeky grin*

jientje said...

In French they say, "les excuses sont fait pour s' en servir" which means that excuses are made to use them! Hahahaha!

JCK said...

You have made me insanely hungry - craving everything.

Just wanted to stop by and say...YOU ARE ALMOST THERE! The end of NaBloPoMo is just about here.

mountainmama said...

jientje - Thanks - consider it used! :)

Sorry, JCK - and yes, the end is nigh...and here I am with my fingers poised over the keyboard...and I don't know what to say.

That's okay - I'll give it a moment, because as with conversation, I'm rarely at a loss for words! *snorts* ;)

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