Saturday, November 03, 2007

Get in and get out

Sorry, folks, but this is going to be the complete opposite to my last couple of posts - brief to the extreme, as the thunder and lightning that have become so familiar in my part of the world the last few weeks are rolling in swiftly, and I am scrabbling to get in here and make my mark here today for NaBloPoMo.

Last night, btw, went swimmingly well. Nice turn-out, great response to both the documentary and the local footage, and all the baked goods sold a treat. Didn't make squillions after costs, only a couple of hundred, but I still consider it a success...every little bit will help.

To go with the getting-to-know-you theme of recent posts, here to replace words are some images of me and mine:

Well, maybe just "mine"....after half a dozen attempts, that is the only photo I can get to load tonight. Blogger took me seriously when I said I'd be brief!

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