Friday, November 16, 2007

Slightly bonkers...

Intellectually, I understand why it is that little children develop an almost pathological need to interrupt or disturb their parents when they are talking on the phone (or talking to a friend or a tradesman or any other activity that does not involve full and total attention to said child and child's needs/wishes/wants).

But it still drives me bloody bonkers!

Probably more so at the moment, when the Big Feller has been away all week and the wee man is both a) more fragile, because he is missing his Daddy and b) more annoying because we have been with each other almost constantly apart from the 6 hours he was at preschool on Monday, and I have been fragile this week, and he has known it, and responded by being even more emotionally needy and....

Do we see a pattern here? *Laughs*

The wee man can be happily involved in a game in another room - he has even been deep in play in the sandpit at the end of the garden - and I finally reach for the phone to make an important call I've been putting off and wham! there he is, calling, shouting, riding past me making siren noises at top volume, anything to render it impossible to focus on my caller and guarantee I turn it on to him. I've spoken about this phone/attention conflict with many parents, and it seem it's not just my pet peeve.

Of course, each occasion is an opportunity to talk about proper behaviour and respecting other people etc etc, and I know he is beginning to get this concept, and he will eventually learn to wait his turn (probably about the time he starts taking the phone to his room and making me wait all night for!?!)- Grrr.

Oh dear, petty, petty, petty!...sorry, folks, blogging standard has fallen tonight. Mama is tired, needs a nice long aromatic footbath, and a piece of really fine dark Swiss chocolate...


On a more positive note:- Last Tuesday, teachers, parents and children from our preschool enjoyed a visit to the village primary school to present them with the cheque for $300 we raised with our movie night fundraiser a fortnight ago. The money is aimed to help the school replace valuable resources lost when the tornado tore apart several of their buildings. Government funding and insurance will of course replace the buildings and some of the more obvious infrastructure, but there are so many books and materials and teaching aids to be replaced.

Anyway, we took our kids on a crocodile walk down the street, and joined the bigger kids at their assembly. We adults all spoke some fine words and passed over the cheque, but the kids just had a ball in each other's company - the year 5 students ended up "buddying" up with our little guys and taking them for a walk down the back through the construction site that used to be their playground.

One of the things I said in my little speech was about how this fundraiser, which was based within the village, supported by and about villagers was a great example of "the power of community" (which was the name and the theme of the documentary movie we screened) in action. It did give me a real buzz to notice how profoundly the school kids had absorbed that message, and a nice sense of the possibilities of the future if such a sense could be modelled by adults and absorbed by children everywhere.


WorksForMom said...

Wow kudos. The power of community? Exactly. And the interruptions drive me slightly bonkers too. How DO they do that and so consistently?

tiff said...

I know.
Whenever I sit down to the computer Ivy and Noah suddenly stopp what they are doing and start pushing all my buttons, literally and figuratively.
Yet when I am with them, giving them 100% they run away! A weird childhood phenomenon.

JCK said...

The power of community. Well said. It is a good feeling and you deserve to feel good about all you've done.

And the phone thing?? God HELP me if I don't absolutely lose it one of these days. Well, lose it AGAIN.

mountainmama said...

It must be encoded in the genes - wonder what the trigger was before phones were invented?

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