Sunday, November 25, 2007

Weekly Winners, Sunday Meme

Thanks again to Sarcastic Mom for this meme - I've seen some fantastic photos and met some fascinating new bloggers from last week's meme participants. Why don't you join in?

Not much happening at my place this week - the visual highlight was the wee man's pet snails, exploring their temporary enclosure while I cleaned out their home. (Do you know how much s**t those little buggers can pump out?) And, of course, the wee man himself - my number one favourite subject.

The t-shirt reading "Filthy and loving it"...says it all! Jamie Oliver, eat your heart out - here's TV's next cooking phenomenon... :)


tiff said...

Oh, I love the one of the wee man in the bath but they are all fantastic!

tiff said...

PS Is my blog any faster now? Dave had a fiddle with it and allowed wordpress to compress the files.
Let me know.

Secret Agent Mama said...

I love them all! The snail is too cool; I immediately thought "GARY". My fave, though, is the one looking up under the trees. Very cool, indeed! And, wee man is absolutely scrumptious. (Nice to "meet" you!)

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

You're killing me with the shots of him... he is so gorgeous. That first one really grabs my heart.
Love the "filthy" one, as well.

And the snails are awesome!

All great shots again. :-)

MP said...

Filthy and Lovin It..That is Great!! I love the snail pics too..and the bathtub..Oh Heck I like them all :-)

Jientje said...

So do I, I like them all!
Do you folks really keep snails for pets????? Gosh!

L^2 said...

Great photos - Cool snail! :-)

mountainmama said...

Thanks, everyone. :)

Tiff - it was still buggy for me last night - how strange!

Secret agent mama - my pleasure - good to have you back.

Lotus - He is a bit cute, isn't he? *chuckles* Funny thing is, he grew into it...he wasn't particularly gorgeous as a baby (well, I thought he was, but not picture-book pretty, you know). And he's a real character, too - maybe that comes through in the pictures.

jientje - yes, I'm afraid we really do keep snails. Didn't intend to, but when he kept bringing them in the house (and then lose them!?) I bought a "bughouse" for them and got on the 'Net to learn how to look after them (amazing how many people are into them, and the mountain of information available!).

I guess by posting their photos here, the little buggers are earning their keep...

andie summerkiss said...

Oh the snail shot is so cool. With great details and all. Love them.

Your boy is such a good looking guy. I bet you must be really proud of him. Love the curly blond hair!

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