Monday, November 05, 2007

Getting serious

With the new demands of a daily post (for NaBloPoMo), I've cast my eyes over the bounty of the internet, finding really useful blogging networks, forums and carnivals in the last couple of weeks, and sourcing some great advice about generating ideas for bloggers and developing good blogging habits. Some of those I've found useful have been:
"Seven ways to find the time to blog" from Will's Thoughtstream
"7 Habits of Highly Efficient Bloggers" from Daily Blog Tips
"10 Sources For Blogging Inspiration" by average joe blogger
"Who Do You Think You Are" by Chris Garrett (my favourite - I love what he had to say about bloggers and readers getting to know each other.)

I'm never lost for words, but there are times when I feel pity for my audience (irl or online). I know I can get excited about a particular subject or passion, but am I really framing it in a way that is interesting to the listener/reader? And what about the days when I gaze at the blank screen and wonder what happened to all those great ideas I had...when I wasn't gazing at the blank screen?

I've opened a folder in my favourites Blog file, for post-worthy links I come upon, and I'm starting to jot down post ideas in my ever-present desk notebook. I am one of those who says, "If I write it down, it happens, or gets done...If you want me to do it, write it down for me!", which covers household matters like why cordial wasn't bought in the shopping (I don't drink it so Big Feller needs to write it on the list when running low), or why the rego on the new/old car wasn't changed over within 14 days (Big Feller didn't write it down nor give me the paperwork).

Not that I need or intend to plan this blogging thing to within an inch of its life either, but I felt disappointed with myself to have only posted photographs over the weekend...lovely and all that, but when I'm reading a favourite blog I feel vaguely unsatisfied if they've only posted pictures. I'm there because previously their words, ideas, philosophy of life and/or warped sense of humour have snagged my interest - I'm back for more of the same. I love the ability to dip into other people's lives and worlds, no matter where on the planet they are, and the images are a part of that, but it's you I'm interested in: your thoughts, your ideas, your dreams, your crazy world view. And if you are here reading me, I guess it's because you feel much the same way, too.

So, while I will certainly be posting lots of images (because taking and sharing photographs is one of my passions!), I hope that with a little thought and preparation I will be able to write daily posts that will continue to make you think, to laugh, to nod in acknowledgement, and keep dropping by to see what my little magpie of a mind has latched onto now... :)


tiggy said...

Sometimes I feel the same way. I become disappointed in myself for not providing great entertainment for whoever might be out there reading. Don't change how you blog though. You are right, when I found your site I was hooked by your honesty.

mountainmama said...

Thanks, Tiggy - you say the loveliest things xxx And I don't intend to change how I blog, just give some more thought to it, rather than simply flying by the seat of my pants.

I'm a serial procrastinator, who has made a life planning, managing and organising things for other people, mainly by focusing myself through a little pen-and-paper planning. Like I say in my profile, I'm a mess of contradictions!!! LOL!

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