Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The things they say...

I imagine every Mum has a mental file (or, for the more organised among you, a journal record) of the cute manglings, miscommunications and permutations of the language our little ones deliver in an effort to communicate with us.

The wee man (3 and a half years old) is very serious and earnest about speaking properly, understanding and being understood, and doesn't appreciate being laughed at but sometimes....oh, I can't help myself!

Early this morning:

"Mama, why are you wearing your 'Gina?" (Yes, we use the anatomical terms here.)

Mama, rapidly trying to compute where we are going with this (and failing!): "Well, girls and ladies always have a 'gina, just like boys and men always wear their penises. They're a part of our bodies and..."

"No..." pointing at my sleepwear, "why are you wearing your 'gina?"

Huh? "Ohhhh...my nightie!?"

"Yes, nightie!"

Of course - "nightie", "'gina" - almost the same thing. Double huh?!

This, from a boy who aged about 12 months old inexplicably went from saying "Dad-dad" to calling his father "Didi", and has done so until only recently - now he says "daddy" like all his friends, but I loved the uniqueness of his own choice.

This, from a boy who calls his testicles "texibles" (try it - it makes them sound much cuter ... *chortles*), loves all things construction-related especially "estabators", and whose favourite vegetable is "caxicum".

This, from a boy who can easily say "construction" and "combine harvester" and "fabulous" and "NationalGeographic" (I think he thinks it's one word), and will turn to me at every opportunity to have a new word explained to him, and to test the shape of it in his mouth.

Ah, truly one of the joys of parenthood. :)

Ps. Thanks so much to everyone who has dropped by as a result of Lotus' Sunday meme and said lovely things about my photos. After all my worry about being lazy in posting photos here instead of writing, I'm now wondering if I should just shut up and post photos - I've never had so many comments! *cheeky grin*


OHmommy said...

Awww, I love toddler talk. I really wish I started blgging earlier to capture what my kids said. I never wrote it down. :(

Nora Bee said...

Too cute!

JCK said...

This is one of my favorite subjects. I love hearing what they come up with and trying to figure it out. And I can't bear to correct them, most of the time. It is so cute! Besides, they get corrected at school!

tiff said...

Awww, what a cutie.
I love all the little mix ups and you are right, texibles is way cuter!

Meg said...

I'm with Tiff - texibles is so cute. We find these types of mis-pronunciations become part of "family speak". We have linguini for lamboghini and readers digg-est for readers digest, as a couple of examples. It's great that you're documenting them - I agree with ohmommy, wish I'd done it 16 years ago.

mountainmama said...

Oh, I know what you all mean about wishing I'd done this sooner - I know I've already forgotten some gems. Oh, well, better late than never...

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