Friday, November 02, 2007

Crazy day

It's a crazy-mad day for me today. I don't want to think to hard about it, just hope that all goes to plan. Hence this first-thing-in-the-morning post; the wee man is eating breakfast and watching The Upside Down Show (the Umbilical Brothers are made for children's television, don't you think?!), and I have this small window of opportunity.

A little later the wee man and I are off to our playgroup, which I co-coordinate, then back at lunch-time.

The rest of the day is about the fund-raising film night our community preschool is hosting at the village hall. The movie is a fabulous documentary called "The Power Of Community", about Cuba, and how the Cuban people coped, adapted and triumphed over the challenge of reaching "peak oil" when their Soviet oil supplies were cut off after the collapse of the USSR. This was achieved through "cooperation, conservation and community" (80% of Cuba's agriculture is now organic), and is a really inspiring tale told by the people themselves.

I'd originally proposed this as the last fund-raiser of the year for the preschool - an economic necessity for community preschools, fees and government funding do not cover all expenses or provide sufficient resources.

However, after last Friday's tornado I kept thinking how lucky we had been at the preschool to be left untouched, when the school had lost two of its three buildings and numerous materials and resources. The committee met and we agreed unanimously to make the primary school the target of the fundraiser, so we've been running around like mad things ever since, changing posters and flyers and getting it into the local media to let people know, and hopefully tap into that amazing community spirit that buoyed us up over the weekend as the village cleaned up after the storm.

So, after I get back from playgroup, I've got to: finish putting a slideshow of photos from the tornado and aftermath together (along with any images or footage anyone emails or drops off this morning), burn it to disc, test it; bake some cakes or slices to sell after the movie; go down to the hall and help air and clean it, and set up and test the borrowed projection equipment; come back and clean up my house fit for the babysitter who is arriving to mind the wee man for the first time ever (fingers crossed...the beginning of life after 7.30pm for mama and daddy again!?!); cook something for them to eat, then go back to the hall 2 hours before the screening to get the final set-up organised; screen the movie at 7pm, hopefully with no hitches, then sell & serve coffee, tea & cakes afterwards before finally trudging home. I'm voting for cleaning the hall in the morning!

I know there is something I should be doing right now, and it's not this....!


Saline County, Arkansas Photos said...

I know... this is going to be lame... but... it's cool seeing a post dated the day after today!

baby~amore' said...

Tracey - wow I hope it all went well and you raise much needed funds.I hope the whole community enjoys the night and wants to do it again.

Can you put a mini montage on one day ? for us to see.

mountainmama said...

baby~amore' - Thanks, it was great - good turn-out and enjoyed by all. Do you mean a montage of the storm? I've got a long one I just created this week for the screening, but I'm going to make a smaller one to send to friends and family, and yes, to run here.
s.c.a.p - I get a laugh when I think of things like that; at Halloween I remember thinking "oh, this hasn't begun for our American friends yet".

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