Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Great Interview Experiment

In my blogging travels last week, I came upon this great idea at Neil Kramer's blog Citizen Of The Month - the Great Interview Experiment.

Each commenting participator has the opportunity to both interview and be interviewed by other participating bloggers. Neil's feeling is that everyone everywhere has something interesting to say and, while we might not all make it to Oprah, we deserve a chance to have our voice heard and to share a little of our lives. (Kind of appropriate for bloggers, isn't it, since it's what most of us are here for...)

Well, the lovely Toni from Wifely Steps, a busy housewife/blogger (she has 8!) from Manila has just sent me my interview questions, and they're great - thoughtful and interesting. Here are my answers:

1. If you were to give your four-year-old self advice, what would you tell her?

I well know the folly of trying to give a four-year-old advice about that age you think you are the centre of the world and know everything (...and hey, who am I to argue? You probably

However, given the chance to impress anything on my early self it would be "Do the things you love." As children we are so in touch with our passions and dreams, and perhaps our abilities, but the intervening years often shake our convictions and our confidence.

My four-year-old self loved dance, and drawing, and books (reading and writing). I saw the Bolshoi Ballet dance "Swan Lake" for my 5th birthday, and knew that I would live a life of creativity. Well, clearing away the accumulated mental debris of the next 35 years, I realise my creative self has always been there, expressing herself in little ways, but definitely marginalised by the "realities" of my life. Finally, I am freeing that little girl to live her dreams.

2. How do you make someone feel appreciated?

The power of a simple and heartfelt "thank you" is under-estimated, especially when accompanied by a smile and eye-contact (where physically possible, of course). I try to let people know frequently how much I appreciate them - I have a horror of people feeling under-valued for their efforts and kindnesses.

For significant acts of kindness or help, I like to spend time with someone making them feel special in a way I know they like - sharing a meal, a movie, helping them in return in some way.

3. What do you find most beautiful about yourself?

My spirit - I am passionate and determined and a bit zany. Some might get to know me for my smile at first, or some assumption they might make about my appearance - but those who stay do so because they like what they find inside.

(Funnily enough, it's what I find beautiful in others, too. Maybe it's one of the reasons I love blogging - appearances really don't matter here, and we get a much clearer idea of the soul beyond the words.)

4. What's your comfort food?

Well, narrowing it down is a bit hard. Good food in many forms can be a comfort for me.

A couple of squares of really good dark chocolate have been a recent comforter of choice, enjoyed late in the evening while my wee man sleeps.

I do love soups, and look forward to the cooling weather for a return to my favourite recipes. My pea and ham soup is a winner - it's what I call "fire in the belly" food, stoking the fires, a cup of comfort under the heart.

5. What would happen if you became [more] fearless?

Ooooh, look out, world! Scary prospect. Lol.

Hmmm - I'd probably get my licence to drive, though I'm not sure myself whether it is fear that has kept me from doing it.

I'd definitely run for local council this year (I'm still thinking about it), with a view to further excursions into politics in the future. The world needs more women with passion and integrity in position to be a voice for change. (And fewer like this!)

And I'd be getting my passport re-application form dusted off and submitted, ready to take the wee man on a whirlwind (or maybe leisurely) trip around the world.

(Note to self: get on with all of the above...)

Thanks, Toni - I really enjoyed the journey you took me on with your questions. Stay tuned for my interview with Jen from A2eatwrite in the next couple of weeks. If you'd like to participate yourself, join the lucky dip for interviews/interviewees here.

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toni said...

Your answers are all so lovely and insightful! Thank you so much for answering my interview.

I love the advice you would give your 4-year-old self. That is so true! I shall give that same advice to my 4-year-old self as well.

"Maybe it's one of the reasons I love blogging - appearances really don't matter here, and we get a much clearer idea of the soul beyond the words."

Ditto. Appearances distract us, but in words unveiled by looks we see how personalities and characters shine through. This is also why I enjoy blogging and building friendships with bloggers too.

Thank you for being so lovely to interview!

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