Sunday, December 16, 2007

Weekly Winners, Sunday Meme

On Friday morning, I was reflecting to myself how I hadn't picked up the camera all week...and what was I going to post on Sunday?! Well, the the camera has seen so much action since then that it's probably still red-hot.

Our Playgroup Christmas party was on Friday, complete with bouncy castle and an appearance from Santa (I'm the co-ordinator). It looked like it was going pear-shaped when we first got to the hall. The castle hire guy hadn't arrived (he'd confirmed he was on route 1 and 1/2 hours earlier - for a 40 minute drive!). The water had been cut off to the hall by nearby roadworks (and hence, electic urn could not be filled...Gasp! No coffee or tea for the mamas!?), and another school group was attempting to muscle in to the same space of the (very large) park despite the fact that we pay rent for the use of the hall 41 weeks of the year. I was beginning to see red, and it wasn't Santa! (Yeah, he was about to send an elf to say the sleigh had broken down...any minute now!)

Well, the show must go on, and it did. The castle guy turned up shortly after, one of the mums had a 12 litre water container in her car, and as the castle rose and more of our Playgroup arrived, the other group decided to move over to another section of the park. And before you think what a humbug I was not wanting to share the space or the entertainment - we were concerned about the impact of the bigger kid's behaviour so close to our little ones, some of whom were already a bit intimidated by the other group; and insurance and public liability being what it is these days, there was no way we could afford to be gracious and share the castle (which we budget and save for all year anyway.) We copped a few dark glances and muttered dissatisfactions to the castle operator (a few of their group approached him directly...huh?), but we were comfortable with our decision.

And we ended up having a great party. As you can see, Santa did arrive... And then last night we went into town and looked at the Christmas lights in the most-lit up street in town, these days a charity fund-raiser with another Santa in attendance. (The wee man is beginning to worry that Santa is too busy with all these appearances to get down to the serious business of making all the

Hmm, isn't this usually a wordless meme? I'll shut up now and let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy!

(Thanks again to our patron saint *snigger* of the Sunday meme, Sarcastic Mom aka Lotus.)

A very Merry Australian Christmas to you all! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


jientje said...

Thanks! So now I know what Christmas in Australia looks like!
It is so weird to see Santa with children in summer clothes!
I love the skies too, they are amazing!

Rachel said...

Those pictures are wonderful!
The kids are beautiful!!
The ones with the lights look really cool!
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hah, you shouldn't feel bad at all about what happened - they were trying to crash your party! They didn't chip in so they can ship out!

Hehe @ Patron Saint I think you might go to hell for pairing those words with a reference to me, you know. ;-)

The pictures are great! The ones with him and Santa kill me! Look at that face!

tommie said...

love love love the sky pics!!

i'll have to keep an eye on your blog, we might me moving to Australia in june 2008!

MP said...

warm christmas...LOL..looks beautiful!!
Shots of the kids are very sweet!! It's nice the real Santa paid a visit!! said...

Awesome, just awesome! I loved every single one and felt like I was right there. :D

baby~amore' said...

these are superb photos Tracey - everyone looks happy and even the Santa.Love the lights.

jientje said...

What happened to your header?
It's different?

mountainmama said...

Thanks, everyone - I was very conscious of my international readers and how different our Christmas is - I deliberately included some of the group shots to share with you.

I spent 3 years in the UK in my 20's and experienced a white Christmas then for the first time...I was in the street with the little kids as the first snowflakes fell. :)

BTW, I have no idea what is going on with my banner. Think I've done something to the template HTML but have absolutely no idea how to fix it, and I'm scared to mess too much in case I lose everything!?!

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