Friday, December 07, 2007

Are you Blogger'd out?

Things have been a little quiet around here of late. Oh, I know that NahBloMe is over and Christmas is circling like a hawk, and all sorts of festive and not-so-festive activities are consuming our every waking hour...but still...

Even a neophyte blogger like myself has heard about the changes Google has wrought here on Blogger. Several incidental comments from some of my more dedicated readers have suggested there are real difficulties in posting comments on my blog and, from what I've read around and about the blogosphere, that is par for the course at the moment.

I'm really enjoying this blogging gig, and one of the abiding pleasures is the dialogues that develop with the readers and other bloggers. If you are unable to share your thoughts and comments with me, then I may as well just keep a digital diary.

So if you are one of my handful of subscribers ("Hi, thanks for coming...glad to see you again!" *waves*) perhaps reading this in a RSS reader or just a regular drop-in who ghosts on through because it is too hard to do anything else, or even a blogging friend with an opinion to share, would you consider taking the time to let me know - Is Blogger making it hard for you? Should I stay with Blogger or explore the options to move (onwards and upwards, I hope)?

Keep in mind that I am effectively tech-illiterate, so would still be seeking a reaaaaallly simple and completely inexpensive (to be frank, at the option. I've been reading about Snoskred's (Life in the Country) platform offer, which sounds great, but even that is a financial commitment I can't make right now.

Or maybe I should just ride out the changes, and build my knowledge (and my finances) before I think about making any changes...?


Meg (blogpond) said...

I've written a bit about this lately. I can see the appeal of blogger, but I don't think it's the *best* platform. If you have a look at the draft blogger - it could be an interim step, of course it's reliant on people (well those not on Blogger especially) setting up OpenIDs.

I've always found commenting on blogger blogs a bit of a pain & can't understand why a company with their resources can't provide a better model (or buy WordPress even!).

I tend to appreciate more blogs than my comments indicate (or time permits), but I guess the easier it is, the more inclined you are to do it.

The monetary commitment is probably less than $20 upfront & $5 a month. But is a totally free option. You could start a blog, and then just have a play around (so to speak!) to familiarise yourself with the platform. And then move your blogspot blog to a self hosted wordpress blog when the finances are available.

Snos provides a lot of support, and I think you'll find other (Aussie) bloggers approachable when it comes to giving a helping hand.

mountainmama said...

Thanks, Meg - exactly the kind of considered and knowledgable answer I was looking for! I have been reading your posts, which have contributed to my feeling that it might be time to examine a move away.

Am I right in understanding then, that you can start a free blog on, and then take that blog to a self-hosted platform? While re-directing the traffic from this blog to the new WordPress'd blog? (Remember, I have no understanding of what happens under the hood of these babies...I just drive 'em! *grins*)

Sorry if I appear to be restating the obvious...

Red Dirt Mummy said...

I'm just catching up on all the news after a hectic few days but wanted to drop in on this one - I'm not totally happy with Blogger but being the total not-tech-head it works well enough for me to be able to navigate around. I know it's a bit bumpy but I'm sticking with it for a while longer - partly because it's free (if I have to pay I won't be blogging, simple as that) and partly because I've already invested so much time and energy into it. I'll be interested to see what others have to say on this.

dawn224 said...

Just today it looks like they've changed the comments again - now on another blogger site there was teh option to log in under a variety of identities - right now it's not showing that on yours but I'm pretty sure it's a glitch and will resolve ... at some point.

By biggest complaint with Blogger is that I really hate the word verification (that you aren't using so it's moot.) but at least Blogger verification is better than Typepads. *shudder*

mountainmama said...

rdm - yep, I don't have money to spare to spend on my blogging -paying the extra monthly spend on broadband was about as far as I can take my "habit" right now.

dawn224 - I know what you mean about TypePad - talking about making you jump through hoops! I'll go check out the settings on my blog...maybe I can change the options to make it easier now.

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