Thursday, December 06, 2007

Lily knows where Mongolia is

I'm not sure which I was more astonished at - the amazing geographical recall of the exceedingly cute 2 year old Lily in this clip I received through Dr Mercola's newsletter, or the fact that the good doctor claims that "80 percent of American families did not read or buy a book in 2006, and 70 percent of U.S. adults haven’t visited a bookstore in the last five years"?!?

It seems Lily's family have more than peeked inside the covers of the odd book, and while it's a bit of a party trick to have a child so young recall places when she may not even grasp the concept of "country", it's still a fine thing to develop memory and encourage learning outside the box. I found her habit of rolling her favourite place names around in her mouth, and giggling, totally endearing - the wee man has always enjoyed shaping new and unfamiliar words. In a world where many are reducing communications to gr8 nu wayz 2 say c u, it's nice to think there are still going to be those who appreciate the way words are formed, and seek to use them artfully.


baby~amore' said...

wow she is so amazing, maybe brilliant and cute to boot ... but good to see she still likes jumping on the bed.
I love when children learn to talk ... S tilts his head says uh oh - oh so cute when he tossing stuff everywhere.

Meg (blogpond) said...

Wow - truly amazing. Thanks for posting that. Lily obviously enjoys the game, so much more productive than sitting transfixed to Teletubbies!

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