Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekly Winners, Sunday Meme

Oh dear, where has the week gone? And where was my camera while it was whipping by?

A rather paltry offering this week, lovely people - I'm sure if you visit our fabulous meme founder Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus), or check out some of the other participants via the weekly winners button below, you'll find lots of other great photos.

The colour and flavour of the local market (The Channon Craft Market)

"Wassap, mate?" Boy-with-Tshirt-on-head gives attitude

I think I look more relaxed

Obligatory weekly cute photo of child with kitten ;)


baby~amore' said...

The photo of wee man in Tshirt - awesome expression - I have a 14yr old with attitude argh !
The boy and his kitten melts my heart *sob*

JCK said...

You DO look more relaxed. I like that Boy's attitude!

tiff said...

You do look more relaxed! Love the last one.

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

Wassap, mate - LOVE IT!

You do look more relaxed... and the obligitory photo hit the spot, thank you! :-)

merrymishaps said...

Love the kitten shot!

mountainmama said...

Well, it's obviously official...I DO look more relaxed! (on a good!)Thanks xx

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