Saturday, February 16, 2008

Life's Little Ironies

Am I the only one who has noticed the inherent irony in the title of this blog, and the blog description, and the recent events of my life?

A sub-heading might read: Note to Self - Loooook Out!

Perhaps you thought the choice of name was intentional - after all, many people whinge and gripe about their relationships and their partners without any need or wish to do anything more than vent everyday frustrations.

But really, when I chose the name for this blog, I felt that I just about had it all: a husband who loved me, a longed-for and precious new baby, a re-location to the countryside of my childhood, and the time and space to explore some creative dreams. Only, I wasn't quite sure how I was going to deal with the re-ordered priorities of my life.

Let this serve as an object lesson for you all - the point of that old saying "Be careful what you wish might get it" is that sometimes when our dreams arrive, we are not ready for them, or they may come in a form we were not expecting, or with conditions we did not understand.

The true magic comes in recognising that even though the time or the path or the form is unexpected, we have still traveled closer to our heart's dreams, and have grown through the journey. We are now better equipped to move into those dreams and make them our realities.


Anonymous said...

See here

JCK said...

That really did occur to me. There are no accidents!

mountainmama said...

Absolutely! :)

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