Thursday, January 01, 2009

Rules to Live by

I'm starting the new year by distilling all my acquired life wisdom into a few succinct phrases or rules. It's as good a place to start as any.

One of the many wonderful blogs which captures my attention, often at the expense of my own blogging (but when there is this much great content around who needs to listen to me anyway?), is Gretchen's The Happiness Project. Do have a look around - she has much to offer, not least the comments and sharing from her subscribers, which often lead to me to other treasures.

Her final post for 2008 was New Year's Resolution: Four tips for writing your personal commandments. She shares her own 12 rules (of which my favourite is "Be Gretchen."), and some that other readers have shared ("Don't rehearse unhappiness" is profound: "Do stuff" covers everything), and gave me plenty of food for thought.

Re-aligning with my values and beliefs has been a big part of 2008 for me. Some of you may detect some of the deeper themes, the lessons of my recent life-changes; I know I did.

I sat here and doodled and pondered on and off for half of the day, in between playing and picnicing and just damn sweating (sooo hot...I'm still melting and it's 10 at night), to encapsulate my beliefs into their essence.

Here, in no particular order, are my own personal commandments:

Seek truth.

Trust my instincts.


Share my vision, shine my light.

See good, say good and do good.

It's okay to ask for help.

Treasure every moment.

Always with love.

Be legendary, prove real.

What rules are you choosing to live by in 2009?


Trish said...

I am with you totally - every day living is worth celebrating and treasuring... with love.

I like your personal commandments -awesome.

I wish you a wonderful 2009 , an abundance of love, laughter, good health and happiness and of course many blogable moments -

mountainmama said...

Great big hugs back to you, Trish! You're a treasure - thanks for sticking with me even when I run for World's Slackest Blogger!

Red Dirt Mummy said...

Well it's jolly nice to see you again! I love your persoanl commandments, especially the 'see good, say good and do good', this is one we'd all do well to adopt. I have a couple of resolutions that I think fit better under the personal commandment category - one is 'yell less' and the other is 'be more forgiving, of myself as well as others'.
Hope your 2009 is fabulous!

mountainmama said...

Thanks, rdm :)

I liked the idea of refining my commandments rather than making NY resolutions because they are long-term commitments...resolutions tend to be lost in the chaos of everyday life a few weeks after Jan 1st, whereas as clarifying my life rules is an on-going process.

I've been working on the "yell less" idea for a while now, The wee man and I have a "deal" - I'll try not to get cross and he'll try not to do things he knows will make me cross...and vice versa! In real terms, this means both of us are trying to become aware of each other's trigger points and divert away from explosive situations before they happen...we're not perfect at it, but we're definitely getting better!

Alison said...

Found you via Trish... I love this post. It's thoughtful and thought provoking without being too intrusive. If that makes sense?

mountainmama said...

Thanks, Alison...I think I know what you mean. Glad you dropped by, and got something out of the visit. :)

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