Wednesday, December 31, 2008

From me to you...

With love and hugs and very best wishes for the New Year, to all my favourite bloggers and readers... xxx

PS. Stay tuned for a new-look "Careful..." in the new year!


Trish said...

Belated sure that's me ...catching up on feedreads.

Though I had to say this is a gorgeous photo mosaic of the wee man.

mountainmama said...

Let's not talk about feedread catch-ups...nearly 400 posts to catch up when I opened my reader the other day....AAAaaarrrgh!

And thank you - I'm glad you like the card. The collage is courtesy of my new favourite photo-editing software (I seem to be collecting a swag of them, for different tricks and tweaks) - this is made in PhotoScape. It has great frames, good basic filters, and the page editor allows you to create things like this. I should probably post about it...

(Ha! Half my trouble with blogging is not having too little to blog about, but too

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