Tuesday, November 04, 2008

So where was I when I wasn't here...?

Truth to tell, it was real life that mostly got in the way. With the lead-up to the election (no, not THAT one...my local government election), plus the other things I like to involve myself in, plus everyday life with the wee man, I would flop gratefully on the couch at the end of the day, happy for some mindless TV or a little Sudoku...anything that allowed 90% of my brain to drift.

(And, it must be said, I found dial-up so intensely annoying and resented the huge amount of time spent waiting for pages to load that I often found it a real dis-incentive to turning on the computer to read or write blogs.)

However, there was another distraction, another seductive little time-waster, which won a lot of my on-line attention for a while...and it's all my family's fault!

That's right - if I hadn't gone to my aunt's wonderful wedding back in July, and had such a fantastic time catching up with my cousins etc (plus the new members of the family we inherited through the wedding), I wouldn't have made all those rash promises about catching up through Facebook!

Yes - I'm a bit of a late-comer, I know. I had a very minimalist presence on Facebook previously - just a bare-bones profile, as it was a place I used to stay in touch with one girlfriend who lived in England. Then my brothers found me there, and kept sending me all these silly applications (which piled up, 'cos I had no idea I could just hit 'Ignore'). I'd contemplated wiping my profile, sure I had far better things to do with my time...and then I went to the wedding, and suddenly discovered the real strength of Facebook, when it comes to keeping in touch with people you love.

All of a sudden, my family and I (and then my network in general, as I expanded to include many of my playgroup and preschool circle) were able to exchange photos with all with one click of a button, share happenings, children's triumphs, illnesses and worries almost immediately. Indeed, we often tune into the nuances in one another's status report, sharing a sense of supportedness and involvement that the sporadic phone calls and emails we previously exchanged couldn't come near to.

As any regular readers of my blog will know, I am a big advocate for community, and through Facebook, I found another level of community which transcended time and distance and, since it involved family, became very special. Things have quietened down from the first heady flush of connectivity, but Facebook is now a valuable tool in my daily routine, and I use it regularly to weave tighter the threads of family and friendship.

PS. Guess what was one of the first things I did when I moved into this house? Yep! Got me some of that broadband PDQ!!!

PPS. Guess who was the cutest of a very cute bunch of under-age wedding attendants at my aunt's wedding?


Trish said...

I have only dabbled in facebook ...I don't need another distraction LOL.
Mainly friends from my pregnancy loss group and a few others.

I think anything that connects us to people we love and care about is fantastic.

Trish said...

Oh I forgot to say - the Weeman is adorable.Aww - He still has his curls
My son was a page boy many years ago I must dig out the photos.

Trish said...

I had an early start - two little (.)(.) monsters ... forgot to sat Yay for broadband - isn't it the best thing.
I had to go back to dial up a few times when away and I don't know how anyone copes.
I could barely load my own blog or even hotmail. Took me 60 mins to post .

mountainmama said...

Thanks, Trish...yes, well, I went from dabbling to full-scale immersion for a little while, though I draw the line at a lot of applications, and I am not seeking out new friends, only connecting with existing ones.

Yes, he still had the curls then...that was back in July. It still startles me how his look has changed since the haircut. He looks taller, and his face leaner..but he probably has really grown since then, and I'm not imagining the changes!?

cecily said...

I was resisting facebook for a while, but now I'm just sucked in! And I like commenting on cousins etc.

Hey, when you're in Tas, let me know if you're in the north. I live a crazy busy life, but you never know... maybe we could do the whole 'bloggy friends meet up' thing. :)

Trish said...

FB sucked me in again recently - it is a lot of fun really.I draw the line at alot of stuff though.I juts like the connections with real people as opposed to real virtual ones.

I am amazed at how small the world is ...the people I have met that know others I know and seemingly random stuff.

FB is still removing BF images there was a big protest the other day.

mountainmama said...

Absolutely right, Trish, it's all about the real connections it enables.

I have till now said 'no' to any friendship requests from people I didn't know, but on NYE a rather spunky Swede of similar vintage and musical tastes sent a request...I haven't answered, but I haven't deleted it yet either...LOL! ???

PS. Before anyone says anything, I am so NOT looking for love at the moment! But I'll never rule out a little harmless flirting... hehehe ;)

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