Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekly Winners, Sunday Meme

Forget the calendar. Yesterday, it was Autumn; today, it is winter. Those antarctic south-westerlies have swept in, cutting through layers of clothing and whispering seductively in my ear of crackling fires and steaming crockpots . The sky may have been snapping blue today; the sub-tropics are beautifully deceptive. Stand in the shade, or leave a piece of skin exposed for the winds to lick, and you'll remember, alright.

None of which has anything to do with the pictures on offer. The flowers are from Mother's Day (including the lovely pot of lavender the little man helped me pick), the boy and the fur-pants are my regular shutter-fodder, and the little green guy was literally a "shot in the dark" - a shape, dimly seen on the step last night, who submitted to me taking a dozen shots of him (I couldn't see him well enough to focus on him, and didn't want to scare him off with a bigger light or torch).

Pop on over to Sarcastic Mom afterwards, and see what the lovely Lotus and the other shutter-bug bloggers have highlighted from their week.

A week later, and these jonquils still grace my door and scent my room.

I love lavender

This fig tree, in the middle of a charming rural village, looks like something out of Tolkien. These trees start as vines, which engulf their support tree, to leave eerie hollows and sinuous curves.

A rare moment of doubt?

"It might look silly, but it's comfortable, okay...?"

I've got my eye on you.

(Funnily enough, after all the shots I took trying to "properly" capture his image, it is this off-centre view I like the best.)


baby~amore' said...

I love the Weeman's expression and his pirate shirt - did you get it recently (been searching for one for my lil 'patch' pirate)

Love the kitty shots too and the frog is great - how did you get in so close ?

I had to go back to moderating too- B@stard spammers - then I forgot yesterday.

Connie said...

Great WW this week :) I love all the flower ones & the doubt one is too precious! The kitty ones are SO cute~I think all cats position themselves that way some time or another :)

mountainmama said...

Hi, baby~amore and connie - thanks for the kind comments.

b~a - The pirate shirt IS a new one, from B... & L... from memory (the brand = Fun Spirit).

Can't believe how patient that frog was, with me hovering over him in the dark, setting off the flash at virtually point-blank range in his face. I kept expecting to leap right on me! Bless his little froggy toes...

connie - I agree, all cats have their own physical interpretations of kitty comfort. Every cat I've ever lived with has had their own unique and often highly amusing (to our eyes) favourite position - some of them involving a high degree of risk or difficulty! Mahlia's pretty tame in that regard.

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