Monday, October 08, 2007

One of my love affairs... with this house we live in.

Unfortunately, we don't own it. Our landlady knows we want to be long-term tenants, and has instructed the agents to take care of us. I am conscious that she is a bit stretched and anxious about her finances, and I sooooo don't want to spend another summer sitting through open house inspections while we wait to see if the right person comes along (ie someone who wants tenants like us, not a family looking for a home)...we got lucky this time, but it would be heart-breaking to do it again.

It's cosy. It has character. It enfolds everyone who enters it with a gentle hug. Our furniture, both the old and husband-made, our "treasures" and our pictures were made for a house like this. My wee man adores the place - he says we should stay here "for all days". Ah, the wisdom of youth.

I had such a nomadic early life. Actually, when I mentally quantified that, I realised that I've had a nomadic life...full stop. There are many forces, emotions, biochemical triggers, and logical reasons why I feel so rooted here. Apart from the fact that I love it.

Maybe I should start one of those websites where I put it out into the world of web that I need this house and do swaps or collect donations or something...(*smiles*)

Anyway, here is my love, for you to see.

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Mrs. G. said...

I love your porch...hope you get to keep it.

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