Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tread gently with my heart...

I don't keep a diary these days. As a teen I was crazy about diaries, but after my father went looking for my latest during a major ruction between us I stopped, and continued mostly keeping my private thoughts locked in my own head (apart from the occasionalbrief fling with the wonderful idea of "morning pages" from Julia Cameron's great creativity work).

Venturing out here, into the most public form of diarising (is that a word?), is a real stretch for me. I've been fascinated by the blog concept ever since I discovered them, and have an ever increasing list of favourites I dip into regularly. I'm not even sure myself why I feel the need to contribute my own. I guess there is a certain freedom in releasing my thoughts to the page here, in the relative anonymity of the Web (at least until/if I tell anyone I know about this blog). I spend a fair amount of time on my own these days...well, not alone exactly, since I'm with my little feller 24/7, but alone in an adult sense. I think a lot, I read books, magazines, the Internet, watch cable, philosophise...and it's mostly all still locked in my head. So here it comes.

The truth is, though, you're there.

So I hope that whatever I might say, and whatever you might feel about it, well, we respect each other's right to an opinion. Just remember I'm a little tender in the heart area, and tread gently.

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